Fleece Medium Cat Tree

Fleece Medium Cat Tree
Cats love to climb. It’s in their nature. They like to be in high places where they feel safe and in control.
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The plates used in this fleece medium cat tree are carefully selected and good, so they are absolutely superior in strength and firmness. The plush used is made of fine plush and lambskin without any chemically irritating wool. The color of the wool is bright and smooth, full of elasticity, and easy to clean. Natural fine sisal white-brown rope is Wrapped on the top of the column. The color of this rope is natural white, because it is made of wild agave. So, it comes with a kind of agave-like taste similar to cat grass. After years of experiments, cats especially like to grind their cute claws on this twine-studded column, which effectively solves the problem of furniture being easily destroyed by cats.


1. Material: natural non-toxic sisal rope, environmentally friendly particle board, soft plush fabric

2. Cat plate: thickened MDF, very tough, two adult cats crawling on the same cat pallet at the same time, the cat pallet will not be deformed and bent.

3. Cat Pillar: Thickened pillars wrapped with sisal rope, which can better prevent the swing of the cat climbing frame and ensure that the cat climbing frame is more stable.

4.Outer cloth: Generally choose a plush with a relatively high weight.

5.Welcome OEM and ODM. Easy to install according to instructions with tools

Product Advantages:

A. Environmental friendly;

B. Variety of choices;

C. Easy to install.

Application Area:

A. Home and garden;

B. All kitty pets

C. Indoor,bedroom,living room,reading room

Package Includes:

All the products are packaged in good condition before delivery.

For more packing details such as carton size ,weight,please feel free contact us.


T/T 30% deposit and balance is after the order is finished.And we also accpet L/C ,Western union and paypal.

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