Sisal Medium Cat Tree

Cats love to climb. It’s in their nature. They like to be in high places where they feel safe and in control.
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Cats love to climb. It’s in their nature. But if you live in the city, there may not be so many places for cats to climb. Sisal medium cat tree is a fashionable pet product that allows the cat to have a space to play. The multi-layer platform design is more suitable for the nature of cat climbing. The sisal rope wrapped column allows the cat to grind the claws and minimize the damage of the furniture in the home.


A. Material: natural Sisal rope,MDF and particle board, durable

B. OEM ,OOM Design are welcomed

C. Easy to assemble with instructions and tools

D. Overall size is 60*60*200 cm

E. Carton size is61*61*35cm 1pc/CTN

F. The unit price is FOB SHANGHAI  USD 20-32

G. Weight:22kgs

Product Advantages:

A. Environment-friendly ;

B. Wide variety designs for selection;

C. Easy to install step by step with instructions and tools.

Application Area:

A. Home and garden;

B. All kitty pets

C. Indoor,bedroom,living room,reading room

How to clean the cat tree:

1. Prepare the supplies first, go to the supermarket to buy some silky cleaning agents, or use your own washing powder and hand sanitizer, dilute to a certain concentration with water, and put them in a watering can. Also prepare two large rags, one dry and one wet.

2. Spray the cleaning solution on the surface to be cleaned and rinse it back and forth with a damp cloth.

If there is no effect, the concentration of the washing liquid needs to be adjusted to increase.

3. Use a dry rag to wipe the place that was just washed, back and forth, and finally smooth along the hair.

4. Spray on a pet disinfectant and dry in the sun

5. If the cat tree is stained with cat hair, it can be glued with sticky roller or wide tape. It is best to comb the cat frequently and deal with the falling cat hair on the cat tree in time. This will reduce the number of cleaning racks and extend their service life.

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