Cat Features

Love Clean

Often clean their hairs. Kitten in many times, love to lick body, self cleaning. After dinner it will wipe the beard with the front paws, after urinating with the tongue lick the anus, after being hugged with the tongue lick hair. This is the cat to remove the body odor and dirt. The cat's tongue has a lot of rough bumps, which is the most appropriate tool to remove dirt. After the owner stroked the cat, the cat licked the place he was stroked: the cat was in the memory of the person's taste, because it feared to be separated from the master after the owner. Many people mistakenly think that this is the cat's dislike of their own dirty.

The cat's comrades note that Cats lick hairs easily to eat some of the hair off! A long time will be related to the disease, timed to do the examination.