How do you measure your dog's temperature?

1, rectal temperature: Thermometer front end of the lubricant or erythromycin ointment, insert 1/3 or so, 2-3 minutes, normal 38-39 degrees

2, armpit temperature: directly to the front of the body thermometer on the inside heel of the hind leg, 3-5 minutes, normal 37.5-38.5 degrees

Big Dog: Let the dog take a position that it feels most comfortable, in the process of my the dog it is best to keep this posture not to move, to show you the picture of my dog is sleeping, let me put its legs up and then clip the table, and then hold down, so that hind legs and belly tightly grip the thermometer, It's been bothering me. Keep the dog in the table for 10 minutes (time is longer than the rectal measure, for the temperature to be accurate).

Small dog: For the dog You can hold, this is the best way to do it, because this is the best way to keep the thermometer in place. Sorry, my family dog is bigger, so I have to take a cat to dine, to show you the specific my position. One hand holds the dog, the other holds the watch at the same time. The dog is not uncomfortable, so it's not difficult to keep it for 10 minutes.

For a particularly lively dog, it's hard to keep a 10-minute naughty ghost. You can give it a difficult bite but delicious thing, let it distract, and then you again in its care about eating that delicious time, change its posture to fit the temperature of the appearance, it will not be too disgusted and do not cooperate.

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