How to First Aid

If the pet burns with cold water cooling, different parts of the cooling time is not the same, if the lower abdomen or legs, can stand in the sink to cool for more than 5 minutes. If the scope of the burn is small, apply the iced water to cool the medicine cloth, wipe the water with a dry cloth to apply the cloth.

Cut or stab through the disinfection after the bandage, first use water to clean off the stain, and then disinfection with iodine, apply cloth or clean gauze, with white tape or bag with fixed. If you encounter a pet fracture, remember to clamp the plank first to prevent the wound from getting worse.

Finally, if you encounter a pet electric shock, do not touch the body of the pet, first of all to cut off the power. If you can not cut off the power supply also need to use insulation to push the wire out, in case the time itself will also be affected by the current.

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