Pet Pig

A variety of pigs can be more than 20 kilograms, and some can reach 40 or 50 kg. Later found that our country's Bama pig is also very beautiful, small size, growth is also very slow. So, Bama Pig, also become a pet pig. However, the general Bama pigs still grow to 35-40 kilograms. So, how to make small fragrant pig grow up to be a new topic that breed fragrant pig. Located in Baoding, Hebei province, China Xiang Pig North breeding base after several years of cultivation, and finally cultivate the Chinese small pet pig, they take the selection of dwarf varieties, elimination, and then selection, and then the elimination of the pig after the birth of a few days, to some drug control, let piglet growth more slowly. Now, the pet pig they breed can be controlled within 18 kilograms.

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