Why do the animals wash their teeth?

Pets, like people, clean teeth are commonly said to wash teeth, now many of our pet owners have developed a good habit of brushing their own pets (more dogs and cats), but with a big difference in brushing their teeth, brushing their teeth only for the rest of the pet's daily diet and some of the weak plaque, Brushing teeth for some stubborn dental calculus is not a big deal.

The problem of how dental calculus is formed is still not very clear now. However, some people think that the formation of dental calculus is related to the daily diet and the nature of saliva, but also suggested that there may be a link with genetic factors.

Usually cleans the tooth stone The method is the clean tooth, the clean tooth has the hand clean tooth and the ultrasonic clean tooth, the manual clean tooth because the work efficiency is low, the cleanness is not thorough, rarely uses in the pet body.