Pet Toy Development Course

The development of pet toys is actually from natural to artificial manufacturing, return to the natural process, and other human products and daily necessities, from the simple to luxurious, and from the luxury back to the simple process, because at the beginning, the dog and cat toys are very simple, such as natural bones, small balls, the owner's shoes and hats, Socks and so on, when people realize to make pet toys for their pets, began to deviate from the pet's views and aesthetic views, and even made some strange toys, from the human's own point of view, is very creative, but after the birth, after a long period of running-in reluctantly let pets accept the toy, And then, when human beings really put their focus on the pet's vision, just to really create a pet like and really arouse the interest of pet toys, real pet care, such as in the domestic and foreign market more environmentally friendly pet toys: Loofah pet toys, sisal pet toys, Cotton hemp Pet toys, Cotton stuffed animals, such as toys