Pet Toys

A pet toy is a toy used to play with a pet, which is different from the traditional toy. Traditional toys are toys that are used by children or boys to rule out emptiness or to kill time. Pet toy is a kind of parent-child type of toy based on the human partnership, the purpose of which is to let the human and their own baby real interaction, in the emotional above to get greater communication and interaction.

Pet toys in the strict sense, the pet itself in the subconscious is actually in the choice of a way to vent their feelings, such as molars, disorderly pull the owner's footwear and will chase the moving objects, especially the cat likes to chase the mouse to play, so the birth of pet toys, To a certain extent to meet the needs of the pet in the emotional above, as well as in the physiology of the interaction with the host on the above has played a very important role in deepening and deepening.

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